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Aina voi kyykätä. Vaikka sitten suorassa lähetyksessä.

It is always a good time to do some squats.
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I lifted 2013 my first weightlifting Nationals in Kalajoki. I snatched 75 kilos and clean and jerked 100 kilos. It was our first competitiom with Mika and my first 100kilos c&j. After that I have won Nationals three times.

The best thing is that there is still so much work to do and very first time I feel that I am ready for it.

The road has been rocky but I am so blessed to have all these people supporting me. (As you can see those cheering guys Mika and Sami behind me 😂)

Many thanks to my team Rovaniemen Reipas to organize so amazing competition. I am happy to be part of our squad 😍🏋💣🦄

2014: 79-101 (69)
2015: 86-102 (69)
2016: 85-103 (69)

2017: 91-117 (69) (the best female lifter in points, the biggest total at the competition )
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