I have had years of experience in strength training. I’ve had several coaches myself, all of which have had their own distinctive methods. I’ve also trained and competed in dozens of countries, sucking information from the best athletes and coaches from all over the world, learning their ways of training. Many of their methods are surprisingly different from the traditional Finnish methods, but some are very effective.

During the years I have completed coaching studies for further qualification in coaching, been selected the coach of the year in powerlifting and I also train coaches of other sports in the Finnish Weightlifting Federation’s courses on how to implement weight training in their own sports.

On top of that, I have studied the medical processes behind training and recovery.  Why the human body works the way it does and what it needs to function even better. In just a few years I will be a Doctor of Medicine myself, but I have already participated in many studies in the field of medicine.

My learning has been a long process itself, so why not name the training program The Process, as everything in life really is. Evolution of getting better through success and mistakes. But, with The Process, you can just skip the mistakes!

The Process – is not just an online training program, it’s a complete and carefully planned yearly cycle for people who want to be faster, stronger and more flexible – the best possible version of themselves. 

The Process is formed of two different programs, the easier Strength & Performance and the harder one called Weightlifting Pro. The first can be done in regular gyms, but you can still pick exercises from the WL Pro, if you have a heavy session and you feel that you can do more. The harder version is a professional Olympic lifters’ training program, consisting of all and everything that it takes to become a top level athlete. It is basically what I do when I train. 

The training sessions have been divided into three subcategories A, B, and C, which are indicated below. This way you can easily pick the trainings that suit your goals at the time best.

Olympic lifts & Strength

The Olympic lifts & strength training sessions build the confidence, technique and strength that you need on Olympic lifts

Agility &

Agility and speed are essential for many sports. These training sessions help you get the most out of your fast muscle tissue.

Endurance & Conditioning

Even if you don't train for endurance sports, you benefit from having a great aerobic condition. You will be able to go through all the necessary training for your own sport.

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  • Weightlifting
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ANNI Vuohijoki

I started my sports career in athletics and I've also played soccer my whole life. I started competing in powerlifting in 2008 and turned to olympic weightlifting in 2011.

  • Degree: Further qualification in coaching, specializing in training of adults and top level competitive athletes
  • Trainer of weightlifting coaches for the Finnish Weightlifting Federation
  • Coach of the year in powerlifting
  • Candidate of Medicine, Doctoral Studies
  • Master of Science in Civil Engineering
  • Olympic athlete
  • Most successful female strength athlete in Finland

  • Olympic athlete in weightlifting
  • I was 10th in Rio 2016 and am currently training for Tokyo 2020 summer olympics
  • European championships bronze medalist in 63 kg category (First Finnish medal in 17 years)
  • 5 time Finnish national champion
  • 12 Finnish national records

  • 2 time U23 European champion
  • 1 time U23 World championships bronze medalist
  • 1 time World championships bronze medalist
  • 3 time Finnish national champion
  • 2 time Nordic champion
  • 50+ Finnish national records
  • 10+ Nordic records
  • First woman in Finland to deadlift 200 kg raw in a competition
"It's great to be in your team because of the professional approach to training. Even though the training is tough and the goals are high, I can feel safe that I will stay healthy and my recovery is taken care of. "
Esa Laitinen
Master of Science
"With Anni's programs I have been able to phase my trainings with regard to my next competition, whether it is crossfit or weightlifting. Anni has been in charge of my weightlifting and strength training and I have gained more strength and confidence in my lifts."
Essi Koskinen
Crossfit Regionals athlete
"Why The Process? Because you're a strong woman and I want to learn from you and get stronger as a cyclist!"
Lotta Lepistö
Racing cyclist
"I wanted to be in The Process Inner Circle because Anni is the best coach there is! She is also weird in a good way and she's got big glutei maximi."
Bettina Gräsbeck
Personal trainer, owner of PURE
"My result progress had been stuck for a while, but with Anni's programs I got my results increasing again. During the first year with her my total went up 72.5 kilos."
Tuomas Hautala
Powerlifting world champion
Weekly programming

You get weekly programming with optional training schemes from which you can choose the ones that suit your goals best. Or you can do them all if you can!

Video instructions

The Process training programs come with an extensive video library that has detailed instructions for all the main exercises.

Actionable Analytics

WODconnect has built-in features that allow you to monitor and analyze your performance and development over time.

Community support

You can watch and comment videos of other people's trainings or upload your own and get tips and support from others that are following the same routines as you.

COACHEs' Comments

You will be granted access to a Facebook group where the coaches can comment on your technique and answer your questions.

Example programming

Becoming better is not just about training harder than others, it’s very much about training smarter than others. I have been able to compete on the top in Finnish and international competitions for over a decade in two different strength sports, developing and staying without any major injuries the whole time. Staying healthy, but still being able to train hard requires a perfect balance between training and recovery. This means planning the training months or even years ahead. The Process training programs also include recovery and deload trainings and periods that are based on the average capability of the human body to recover from and adapt to the induced load. 

Strength & performance

The goal of this program is to make you stronger, more agile and efficient in everything you do. This programming is also suitable for powerlifters who want a different perspective to old school training systems.

Instead of multiple sessions per day this programming includes only one session. You can freely pick trainings from WL Pro, but make sure that you have the same amount of heavy sessions and recovery sessions to keep the balance. 

This training program follows the same yearly programming as the Weightlifter PRO, but the Olympic lifts are changed to easier ones. If you want to get familiar with Olympic lifts, we recommend you to visit one of our weightlifting schools or private lessons.




Upper back activation; Pick two different activation exercises from our activation bank, do 2 sets of each

 Muscle snatch + push press behind neck + OHS

4 x 3+3+3 x 50% (of snatch)

Snatch pull + snatch pull p4+ snatch pull p2

2 x 1+2+2 x 70%, 2 x 1+2+2 x 75%, 2 x 1+2+2 x 80%, 3 x 1+1+1 x 85%

Back squat

8 x 10 x 60% 120 s rest between sets

Good morning

7 x 8 x 60% (of BS)


C: 45 min light jogging (HR 125 – 140), walk if needed

The heart rates ranges are indicated to avoid too hard workouts that would affect your recovery negatively




Activation shoulders / upper back (2 exercises)

Activation glutes and hamstring (2 exercises) 

A1: sets of pull ups with 2 s hold 5 x 5, or

A2: Strict press KB 2 s down 5 x 5


Bench press 3 x 7 x 50%, 2 x 6 x 65%, 4 x 6 x 70%

Bench press with DB slow 4 x 10 x semi heavy weights


Metcon: Arm punisher!

EMOM 10 min

Odd. 6 – 10 push ups + rest time bicep curs with DB

Even. 6 – 10 dips + rest time flyes with plates



muscle snatch + ohs 5 x 8+8 x with bar or stick SUPER LIGHT



Walk or run 45 min

30 min active rest



A & B:


Assault bike 5 min HR 120 + 

Assault bike 20 s (HR 150 – 160), rest as long as HR 120, 6 rnds


Split jumps 5 x 5+5

Box jump 5 x 5

Sprints 20 m 4 x 85%


Power clean 5 x 5 x 60% SCALE: high snatch pull p3 5 x 5 x semi heavy


Front squat 8 x 8 x 70%

Front squat with 3 s stop on bottom 3 x 3 x 60%


Weighted sit-ups 4 x 8, 90 s breaks




Warm up: 1000 m row


5 x 5 x OHS with band kettlebells LIGHT

Slow squats 5 x 5 x 60%

Lunges 4 x 8+8 x 50% (of squat)

Hip thrust 4 x 20 x 80% (of squat)


Ab metcon 6 rounds: 

Jackknives 8 (knees bent if too heavy)

Hollow rock 12

Planks 30 s

Rest 25 s



Activation: glutes

Snatch grip deadlift

3 x 3 x 100%, 2 x 2 x 105%, 2 x 2 x 100%

Narrow grip bench press 5 x 8 x 65% (of BP)

French press 3 x 20

Strict press 7 x 7 x 65%



Active recovery

Weightlifter pro

The Process – Weightlifter Pro programming is for weightlifters, crossfitters and other athletes who want to improve their strength, endurance and agility with the emphasis on Olympic weightlifting.

The Weightlifter Pro is a very demanding training program, but it will give you the best results if you have the time and mentality to follow it.

 If you are not familiar with Olympic lifts you can select the Strength & Performance training. It is a bit scaled down version of the Weightlifter Pro and the overall volume of training is lighter. You can still pick up B and C trainings from Weightlifter Pro, but make sure that your training and recovery workouts are in balance.

Follow the Weightlifter Pro daily routine to increase all your physical qualities. You will be stronger, faster and more flexible!

  Calculate the percentages from your weakest part of an exercise if not said otherwise.

 Rest time is always between 1,5 to 2,5 min if not said otherwise. 

If you only have time for one session, always do the last session of the day + recovery workouts.



 Session 1


45 min light jogging (Heart rate 125 – 140) walk if needed

The heart rates ranges are indicated to avoid too hard workouts that would affect your recovery negatively


Session 2


Upper back activation; Pick two different activation exercises from our activation bank, do 2 sets of each

Snatch p5 + OHS 

2+3 x 70%, 3 x 2+2 x 75%, 2 x 2+2 x 80%

Slow snatch pull 

3 x 2 x 80%, 2 x 3 x 85%, 2 x 2 x 90%


Session 3 (Primary importance)


Muscle snatch + push press behind neck + OHS

4 x 3+3+3 x 50% (of snatch)

Snatch pull + snatch p4+ snatch p2

2 x 1+2+2 x 70%, 1+2+2 x 75% 2 x 1+2+2 x 80% , 3 x 1+1+1 x 85%

Back squat

8 x 10 x 60%, 120 s rest between sets




Session 1


Activation shoulders / upper back (2 exercises)

Activation glutes and hamstrings (2 exercises)


A1: pull ups with 2 s hold 5 x 5

A2: Strict press KB 2 s down 5 x 5


BW or small added weight. Make each training session with the same weight and increase weights a bit every week



6 x 5 min AMRAP

B1: 10 sets of 35 kg strict press (or 50% of your max) + 60 SU

B2: 10 sets of 35 kg lunges (or same weight as B1) + 10 pull through

 Alternate between B1 and B2. 2 minute break between each round


Session 2 (Primary importance)

Warm up: 4 rounds

  • Foot raises to bench 5+5
  • Borzov walk 5+5
  • Ring row 10


E2MOM: 5 rounds

  • Heavy wall ball 8
  • Straight legged DL 50% (of clean) 10
  • Descending from a bench 4+4
  • Box jumps 5
  • T2B as strict as possible 8
  • rest


Session 1



Activation; glutes

Snatch p5 + p3 + p1 

2+2+2 x 60%, 70%, 75%, 2 x 1+1+1 x 80%


Snatch DL (no second pull)

5 x 5 x 100% (snatch)

BP 8 x 8 x 60%

FS 2 x 4 x 70%, 2 x 5 x 75%, 3 x 6 x 75%


Session 2 (Primary importance)

Walk or run 45 min

30 min active rest




 Session 1:

Assault bike 5 min HR 120

Assault bike 20s (HR 150 – 160), rest as long as HR 120 6 rounds


Split jumps 5 x 5+5

 Box jump 5 x 5

 Sprints 20 m 85% x 4




 Session 1:


10 min walk

then 10 rounds of

  • 20 s running (75%)
  • 20 s walking

 10 minutes stretching


Session 2 (Primary importance)


 Snatch p3 + p4 + p5

2+2+2 x 50%, 2+2+2 x 60%, 1+1+1 x 65%, 2+2+2 x 65%, 2+1+2 x 70%, 1+1+1 x 75%, 1+1+1 x 75%, 1+1+1 x 80%

 A1 pull-ups 8 x 2 x weight (select a weight you can do the whole 8 sets with)

A2 dips 8 x 5

A1 20 kg, A2 5 kg


Metcon: 5 rounds

  • 500 m row
  • 7 L-pull ups
  • 4 HSPU strict



Session 1


Snatch from the hips

4 x 60%, 3 x 65%, 3 x 70%, 2 x 75%, 3 x 2 x 80%


Snatch pull

3 x 3 x 90%, 3 x 3 x 95%


Snatch grip deadlift

3 x 3 x 100%, 2 x 2 x 105%, 2 x 2 x 100%


Jerks off the blocks

3 x 2 x 70%, 3 x 2 x 80%, 2 x 2 x 85%, 1 x 90%


Session 2 (Primary importance)

Clean pull + clean pull p4 + clean p3 + jerk

  • 2 x 2+2+2+2 x 60%
  • 2 x 2+2+2+2 x 70%
  • 3 x 2+2+2+2 x 75%
  • 3 x 1+1+1+1 x 80%


Push press + jerk

3+1 x 5 x 80%


Strict press

7 x 7 x 65%





Active recovery


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